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London video production company

Yellow Pill: who we are

We are an award winning London video production company specialised in commercials, branded content, films and music video production.
Our portfolio of clients includes Nike, P&G, Sony Music, Kiehl’s, FIAT, Campell’s, the United Nations and many more.

Our videos have hit millions of viewers, made national news and collected prizes worldwide.
Yellow Pill’s works have achieved critical acclaim on publishings of the caliber of Empire Magazine and leading European newspapers, including La Repubblica.

Our music video for chart-topping artist Kygo has scored over 50 million views.
We have produced TV content for networks BBC, RAI and A&E.

Our upcoming noir film Rain Catcher, sponsored by Nike ACG, stars. rising talent Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Jo Hartley (This is England, Eddie the Eagle).
The film is produced in collaboration with visual effects pioneers BUF (Blade Runner 2049, Avatar, Matrix, The Dark Knight) and London post-production powerhouse The Mill.

Our feature film Fat Cat, starring Lorenzo Richelmy (Netlix Original Series star “Marco Polo”) has swept awards at over a dozen festivals worldwide, including Berlin and New York Independent Film Festival.

Production Service

We’re an award-winning team of creatives and. filmmakers at your disposal at any stage of the production process, from development to post-production.

We can count on top experts from all film departments (camera, lighting, sound, post-production) as well as 2D & 3D animation and virtual reality.

Fast action and no headaches. We don’t fear tight deadlines and shoot on locations all over the globe, so feel free to call from a different time-zone.



We can help your content gain exposure through our sister company Shorts On Tap: the #1 short film community in London.

Watch Shorts On Tap on London Live (LINK) and visit the press section here. (LINK)

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