Yellow Pill (136782)

Commercials, branded content, music videos, films: our creative team is striving to provide tailor-made solutions from the very embryonic stage upwards.

Concept: Concept-developing is at the very heart of each project and we want to make sure that only right seed is sown.  We achieve this by keeping communication with our clients at the highest level from the start.  A step-by-step, hand-in-hand creative journey to the core of the message to be conveyed.  A comprehensive exploration of multiple creative scenarios, progressively narrowing down to the one BIG IDEA.

Screenwriting: an award-winning team of writers giving a central role to storytelling. We offer genre-driven narrative for branded content, fiction, music videos, mockumentaries. We pledge to broaden the spectrum of storytelling according to each project’s unique goal. We keep a special eye on characterisation, dialogue, timing in order to navigate the macrocosmos of possibilities a story can offer.

Storyboards: Our world-renowned storyboarders are trained to convey depth, velocity and drama.