Films, commercials, branded content, music videos: our creative team is striving to provide tailor-made solutions from the very embryonic stage upwards.

Concept: Concept-developing is at the very heart of each project and we want to make sure that only the right seed is sown. We achieve this by keeping communication with our clients at the highest level from the start. A step-by-step, hand-in-hand creative journey to the core of the message to be conveyed. A comprehensive exploration of multiple creative scenarios, progressively narrowing down to the one BIG IDEA.

Screenwriting: an award-winning team of writers giving a central role to storytelling. We offer genre-driven narrative for branded content, fiction, music videos, mockumentaries. We pledge to broaden the spectrum of storytelling according to each project’s unique goal. We keep a special eye on characterisation, dialogue, timing in order to navigate the macrocosmos of possibilities a story can offer.

Storyboards: Our world-renowned storyboarders are trained to convey depth, velocity and drama.


Video Production is our bread & butter.

Camera & Lighting Crew: whether in studio or on location our flexible camera and lighting workforce will make sure the job is done with superb attention to detail. A highly skilled crew of problem-solvers, ready for any occurrence during production.

State-of-the-art Camera equipment: We collaborate with some of London’s top camera rentals, who supply us with the latest models of Arri, RED, Sony and Blackmagic cameras. Depending on the needs of each project, our cinematographers will select the best lenses for the job, spanning from anamorphic to spherical, from Cooke to Carl-Zeiss and Leica glass.

Steadicam and Gimbal Operators:  Our experienced camera department specialises in Steadicam and gimbal operating (from Freefly Movi to Ronin).

Aerial Filming: We are specialized in low altitude aerial filming and photography from drone aircrafts (RC helicopters or UAVs). We are able to shoot from ground level up to 400ft in a unique long take. Using the latest technologies in unmanned aerial vehicles, we are capable to provide stunning aerial photography and videography with first-class professional service using our creativity.

Post Production

Editing: You can count on a team of award-winning editors for all your needs. Our editors’ experience ranges from feature film tomusic videos, commercials and short film.

Color Grading: You can rely on our boutique colour grading studio based in London, UK. Davinci Resolve / Revival powered grading suite for 4k real-time grading. Fully calibrated film and digital workflows with THX cineSpace for complete image control.

VFX & 3D: Complete creation of CG art including design, 3D modelling, texturing and high resolution rendering. Characters, creatures, objects and environments for video, film and commercials.

Character animation and CG-created visual effects for integration with existing footage. Green screen, keying and rotoscoping capabilities.

Animation + VR


We’re using a skillset that includes photorealistic CGI, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design, particle FX, fluid dynamics, tracking, compositing and even motion graphics, we produce dynamic visuals and cost-effective results for our clients on each and every project we undertake.


Our 360 Virtual Reality production team bring experiences to life using our dedicated VR filming facilities, latest production techniques and creative know-how. Your 360 experience is not limited to just head mounted displays, content can be used across all digital mediums including apps, online and at your events.


Our sister company Shorts On Tap is an award-winning short film screening platform for both up&coming and established film-makers to showcase their work, exchange ideas and receive feedback.

Shorts On Tap also aims at facilitating the spreading of ideas and awareness on social issues through film.

A young company that grew to be one of the most vibrant hubs for film-makers and film lovers alike in just over a year.

Yellow Pill’s content can gain visibility via Shorts On Tap in a number of venues across the world.